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Telenor understands the changing communication trends, shifting from long calls to quick and easy text messages. To meet the needs of today's generation, Telenor has introduced a variety of SMS packages, catering to the hunger for instant messaging. As one of the leading service providers in Pakistan, Telenor not only delivers quality service but also offers budget-friendly packages, ensuring customers stay connected without breaking the bank.

Navigating through the “” website to find these packages can be challenging. That's why we have compiled all the details of Telenor internet weekly Packages in one place. Whether you need daily, 3-day, weekly, or monthly SMS packages, we've got you covered. Stay tuned as we update and share the latest Telenor SMS offers, making your messaging experience both convenient and affordable.


Telenor Hourly SMS Bundle

  • Rs. 6 charges to avail of the offer

  • 60 Free SMS to all Network

  • On-Net Minutes: 60

  • 60 MBs Free Internet

  • Dial *99# to subscribe to this bundle


Telenor Daily SMS Packages: Stay Connected Every Day

For those always on the go but want to stay connected with friends and family, Telenor call packages are the ideal solution. These packages are not only affordable but also provide a substantial number of SMS, ensuring you can keep in touch without worrying about your budget. Get details from “”.

Daily SMS Bundle

  • Price: Rs. 4.78

  • Offer: 240 SMS

  • Activation: Dial 345116#

100 Minutes Mini Budget Package

  • Price: Rs. 18

  • Offer: 300 SMS, 100 On-net minutes

  • Activation: Dial *050#

Djuice Message Bundle

  • Price: Rs. 2.5

  • Offer: 300 SMS

  • Activation: Dial 22*1#

50 Minutes Mini Budget Offer

  • Price: Rs. 15

  • Offer: 300 SMS, 50 On-net minutes, 4MBs

  • Activation: Dial *240#


3 Day & 5 Day Bundle

Telenor 3/3 Package

  • Price: Rs. 50

  • Offered: 300 Free SMS, 600 On-net minutes, 50MBs

  • How to subscribe: Dial *345*243#

Telenor 3 Din Sahulat Package

  • Price: Rs. 52

  • Offered: 250 SMS, 250 On-net + 25 Off-net Minutes, 50MBs + 100MB Social Packs

  • How to subscribe: Dial *5*3#

Telenor 5 Days SMS Package

  • Price: Rs. 8.5

  • Offered: 300 SMS

  • How to subscribe: Dial *345*015# or Dial 555


Telenor Weekly SMS Packages: Stay Connected All Week

Stay connected with throughout the week with Telenor's affordable telenor call packages and convenient weekly SMS packages. These packages offer a generous number of SMS messages, ensuring you can chat freely without worrying about your balance running out. Here are the options:

Telenor Weekly SMS Package

  • Price: Rs. 15.5

  • Offer: 1200 SMS

  • How to Subscribe: Through the Telenor app or website

Haftawar Sahulat Package

  • Price: Rs. 115

  • Offer: 700 SMS, 1000 On-net minutes, 70 Off-net minutes, 100MBs + 350MBs Social Bundle

  • How to Subscribe: Dial 57#

DJUICE Weekly SMS Package

  • Price: Rs. 11.95

  • Offer: 1200 SMS, 100 MB WhatsApp

  • How to Subscribe: Dial 22*2#

7 Days Mini Budget Package

  • Price: Rs. 86

  • Offer: 1000 SMS, 500 On-net minutes, 50MBs

  • How to Subscribe: Dial 345247#

Easy Card Weekly Package

  • Price: Rs. 170

  • Offer: 500 SMS, 500 On-net minutes, 50 Off-net minutes, 750MBs

  • How to Subscribe: Load an Easy Card recharge to activate this offer

With these weekly SMS packages, you can enjoy uninterrupted messaging, calls, and internet usage. Stay connected, stay in touch! Subscribe now and make your week communication-friendly.


15 Days SMS Bundle

15 Day Economy SMS Bundle

  • Price: Rs. 17

  • Offered: 800 SMS

  • How to subscribe: Dial *345*112#

Djuice 15-day SMS bundle

  • Price: Rs. 42

  • Offered: 3500 SMS, 200 MBs WhatsApp

  • How to subscribe: Dial *2*2*5#

Other Info about 15 Days Bundle

  • To check the status of the 15-day SMS bundle, Dial the code *111#.

  • Automatically expires after 15 days


Telenor Monthly SMS Packages for Prepaid Users: Seamless Communication, All Month Long

Telenor ensures uninterrupted communication with its variety of monthly SMS packages. Now, you can enjoy free texting and talking for an entire month without worry. Choose the package that suits your needs best:

Telenor Monthly SMS Package

  • Price: Rs. 47.8

  • Offer: 6000 SMS

  • How to Subscribe: Dial 345363#

Telenor Mahana Rakhwala Package

  • Price: Rs. 418

  • Offer: 3000 SMS, 3000 On-net minutes, 300 MBs

  • How to Subscribe: Dial 34530#

Telenor Easy Card Plus Package

  • Price: Rs. 800

  • Offer: 1500 SMS, 1500 On-net minutes, 150 Off-net minutes, 1.5 GBs

With these monthly packages, you can chat, text, and surf without limitations, ensuring you stay connected without any constraints. Subscribe now and enjoy a hassle-free communication experience throughout the month by getting information from “”.